Drinking during pregnancy 'could increase epilepsy risk'

Women who drink during pregnancy could be increasing the risk of their child developing epilepsy, a study has indicated.

By Matthew Moore
Published: 7:30AM BST 06 Apr 2010
Telegraph (UK)

The research found that children who suffer from fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) – a condition caused by maternal drinking during pregnancy – were six times more likely to suffer from epilepsy as they grew older.

They were also more likely to suffer at least one seizure at some point in their lives. 

Previous research has indicated a connection between drinking during pregnancy and rates of alcoholism, drug abuse, depression and even Parkinson’s and stroke.
Neuroscientists said the latest study added to growing understanding about the risks posed to unborn babies by mothers’ alcohol consumption, but added that it was difficult to establish a causal link between drinking and epilepsy. [more]