[Manitoba] FASD breeds bitter frustration

By: Robert Marshall
20/03/2010 1:00 AM
Winnipeg Free Press

Raymond Crowder was born in 1982 and doomed to die early.

Ray suffered from fetal alcohol spectrum disorder because his biological mother drank heavily during her pregnancy. The booze was passed onto Raymond, still in the womb. She was drunk when he was born. So was he, in fact, as drunk as she was.

Ray’s brain was ruined from Day 1.

It’s an odd disorder. Researchers, labs and bags of money aren’t needed to find the “cure.” It’s a choice of drinking or not during pregnancy.

It sounds like a simple choice given that choosing booze can mean setting up a child for a life of unnecessary misery. Expensive misery. Each case of FASD means $1.5-million in social expenses. In Canada, it will take $600 billion to deal with the current caseload. And new cases arrive daily. [more]